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WA Cutting Services is the leader in specialist steel cutting for the Western Australian market. Established in 1982, we’ve built our name on precision and professionalism, and we’re now a proud member of the Southern Steel Group.

Our skilled and agile team has broad industry know-how, and our streamlined solutions help you streamline projects. With our capability, cutting edge technology, large stock holdings and nationwide partnerships, we reliably deliver small to large-scale projects with quality guaranteed.


Established in 1982, we’ve built a reputation for our workmanship and reliability. We excel at precision, large-scale and high volume steel cutting services, including fast-turnaround steel oxy cutting, plasma cutting and drilling.

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Oxy cutting

With oxy cutting, we deliver precise cuts and outstanding quality using high performance cutting techniques that are ideal for thicker materials.

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Plasma cutting

With cleaner cuts for multiple shapes and angles, our plasma cutting is the top choice for applications such as tanks, buckets, and mining machinery.

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We use the latest kinetic technology to accurately drill up to 110mm plate and ensure tight tolerances across all grades of steel and wear plate.

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Pressing and rolling

We have access to press brake machines that can press materials at extra-long lengths for large-scale components, free from joints and welds.

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Steel products

As a member of the Southern Steel Group, WA Cutting has access to vast stockholdings nationwide. We can provide and deliver steel sheet and plate products, processed to specification.

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Our expertise spans precision oxy cutting, plasma cutting and drilling for multiple sectors. We specialise in bespoke, fast-response and quality steel cutting services and oversee end to end project assessment, steel processing and delivery. Our team has decades of experience, and the technology and facilities to provide first-class steel cutting solutions.

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