Leading, large-scale steel cutting services for the mining industry

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WA Cutting Services has grown from a small business to Western Australia’s leading provider of expert steel cutting services for diverse sectors.

Our clients include major names in the mining industry that need precision laser cut or plasma cut steel for tanks, buckets and industrial applications – that meet stringent quality standards and a tight turnaround.

Working in the mining sector, Campbell has used WA Cutting for over ten years, and his business has grown alongside ours.

“WA Cutting has contributed to the growth of our business by allowing us to react to our customer requirements. Our clients are now some of the biggest companies in the Pilbara. We’ve been able to grow our business working hand in hand with WA Cutting.”

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Servicing the mining industry

Campbell’s company specialises in wear lining systems for the mining industry, and first approached WA Cutting looking for large-scale steel cutting services.

“After a review of our end-customer requirements, we realised we needed a unique steel cutting solution. We were looking for a company that could do steel cutting on a much larger scale than we could. WA Cutting had large-scale steel cutting capability, the latest technology – and a willingness to work with us to get it right.”

From the first project, the WA Cutting team went above and beyond to deliver expert steel cutting services.

“For the first job, WA Cutting approached one of our suppliers to get us better pricing on materials. They were with us from the start, through production and right through to packing.”

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Committed and knowledgeable

While Campbell has now worked with WA Cutting for about a decade, he has worked with a team member, Tony, even longer.

“I knew Tony through the industry and had dealt with him through other suppliers. He has a great background and a good understanding of mining industry needs.”

And like Tony, Campbell has found the whole team delivers excellent service at every stage of a project.

“There have only been minor niggles, and usually when there’s a new team member who just needs educating in what we need. Overall, WA Cutting is always responsive, cooperative and competitive in pricing.”

Steel cutting experts

WA Cutting Services is dedicated to expert steel cutting services for clients in the mining, transport, industrial, agriculture and construction sectors.

We understand regulatory standards and industry demands for tight-turnaround steel cutting, drilling, pressing and rolling, and we have the technology and facilities to handle the largest projects.

“WA Cutting will look after small reactive jobs if we need something urgently, right through to major projects for our biggest clients,” says Campbell. “They genuinely try to make it as easy as possible for us.”

For expert steel cutting services for the mining and other sectors, please contact us.

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