Steel Pressing and Rolling

Backed by the Southern Steel Group and in partnership with Boyd Metal Industries, we offer our customers comprehensive processing services, including steel pressing and rolling. Boyds has full capability to press metals - including mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, exotic alloys and quenched and tempered steel - and to section roll structural steel for standard and complex projects.

Superior steel pressing

Our partnership with Boyds means we have access to the biggest range of press brake machines in Perth, and an expert team to provide you with a custom and cost-effective project solution.

With the capacity to press materials at extra-long lengths – up to 12.2m – Boyds steel pressing is ideal for customers who need oversized components, free from joins and welds.

Boyds specialises in truck bodies for the transport and mining industries, and we also provide tailored pressing for projects across the construction, agriculture and industrial sectors.

Steel pressing specifications

Our steel pressing capability includes steel plate ranging from 1mm to 50mm:

  • 1100T – 12.2m length
  • 1000T – 7.3m length
  • 550T – 6.1m length
  • 500T – 4.5m length
  • 200T – 4.1m length
Man operating section rolling machine to bend steel

Section rolling

Boyd Metal Industries specialises in section rolling structural steel for curved angles, pipes, beams, tank stiffeners and flanges.

With nine section rolling machines, Boyds is the only heavy steel processing company in Western Australia that can cold roll steel sections up to 610UB on edge, 300 x 70FB and 250NB pipe.

This high capacity section roll machinery includes seven Roundo section roll machines, from the smaller R3 to the largest R11, providing us with the largest capacity in Perth for section rolling.

Man operating steel section rolling machine

Rolling specifications

WA Cutting Services can arrange plate and section rolling for a wide range of applications, from staircases to structural roofing and agricultural equipment.

Capabilities include:

  • PFC (75PFC to 380PFC)
  • Equal angle (25x3EA to 200x20EA)
  • Pipe (20NB to 250NB)
  • Universal beams (150UB to 610UB125)
  • Universal columns (100UC to 310UC)
  • SHS & RHS (40 x 1.6 to 250 x 9.0SHS)
  • Flat bar on edge (40 x 3 to 250 x 12)
  • Rail/monorail
  • Aluminium and stainless sections
Man operating plate rolling machine for steel

Our cutting edge service

At WA Cutting, our machine operators, estimators and draftsmen are industry leaders. We pride ourselves on our expertise, quality projects and cutting edge service.

With decades of experience, we understand industry demands and timeframes. With a single point of contact and partner organisations to deliver all of your steel processing, we provide streamlined steel solutions to help you streamline your projects.

Need a superior steel solution? Contact us to discuss your steel pressing and rolling requirements.

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