Plasma Steel Cutting

WA Cutting Services is Perth’s plasma steel cutting specialist. Utilising our state-of-the-art plasma cutters, we deliver accurate and high quality cutting, for small to large-scale jobs. Our plasma cutting is ideal for projects across the construction, mining, industrial, transport and agriculture sectors.

Man operating a plasma cutting machine

High quality steel cutting

Plasma steel cutting employs a plasma torch to cut metals, including steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

By super constraining the plasma flow from the nozzle, the cut is cleaner, the kerfs of the cut are narrower and the edges are square. This technique delivers unsurpassed quality on mild steel and quenched and tempered steel.

Additional benefits include versatility across multiple metals, faster cuts and suitability for multiple shapes and angles.

Kinetic plasma steel cutting

Plasma cutting specifications

We’ve invested in kinetic plasma machines for our Perth workshops, to deliver expert cutting services. We can work with a wide range of materials and achieve the tight tolerances that diverse industries demand.

Our specifications include:

  • All grades of steel
  • Boiler plates
  • Quenched and tempered materials
  • Wear plate
  • Overlay plate
  • Thickness – 2mm up to 200mm
  • Width – up to 3.2m
  • Length – up to 15m
  • Tolerance – +/-2mm
Plasma steel cutting

Cutting edge skills and service

At WA Cutting, our machine operators, estimators and draftsmen are the best in the business. They’re steel cutting experts, committed to cutting edge service.

Our team members pride themselves on accuracy, quality and projects delivered on time, every time.

We’ve implemented a proven process to keep every project on track, and we keep you in the loop with real time status updates. With a single point of contact and partner organisations to deliver all of your steel processing, we provide streamlined steel solutions.

Need a superior steel solution? Contact us to discuss plasma steel cutting for your next project.

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