How an industry partnership in steel cutting fabrication strengthened businesses

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At WA Cutting Services, we are deeply committed to our customers and partners. Our approach to our comprehensive steel cutting fabrication services is established by understanding our customers and their businesses from the inside out.

One of these partners is Henderson Fabrication, specialists in servicing the mining sector by supplying piping, plate work, structural steel and labour hire.

Joe, General Manager for Henderson Fabrication says, “I opened my doors on a Monday morning and had my first purchase order by 7.00 am. I called WA Cutting Steel about opening an account with them. They came to see me and opened a 30-day account for me, which is almost unheard of in our industry, as a new business.”

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When a reputation goes beyond an expectation

Joe has been in the steel industry for many years and knew of WA Cutting Steel and their parent company, Southern Steel. For him, he did not doubt that he wanted to work with the industry leaders, but WA Cutting just went above and beyond to help make Joe’s dreams come true.

“It’s tough in our industry with companies closing daily, but I fortunately had enough runs on the board, and WA Cutting Steel believed in me. They had seen the growth in my business in the short time we had been in operation.”

Steel service specialists

“The people at WA Steel Cutting are outstanding,” says Joe, who regards them as an extension of his team. “When we get an RFQ (request for quotation), sometimes the drawings or information provided by the customers isn’t accurate, but we have a relationship with the team at WA Cutting where we work together to find the best solution for that client and deliver. They understand the need for all of us to make an income and ensure we are very competitive, but for us, it’s more than that. It’s about the service.”

WA Cutting Steel has affected Henderson Fabrication’s business dramatically. “Although we started with three suppliers initially (due to credit we had), we only use WA Cutting.

The only time we don’t is when they don’t have the product we need, but even then, they’re committed to helping us find a solution or establishing one in house.”

Thanks to WA Cutting Steel, Henderson Fabrication has seen an increase in revenue and growth. WA Cutting has also been instrumental in pre-processing the steel for their projects, which is a massive time saver for Henderson Fabrication as all they need to do when they receive the orders from WA Cutting is put it together.

An outstanding endorsement

Like WA Cutting Steel has supported Henderson Fabrication since day one, Joe has recommended WA Cutting since then too. Not only as a business but as the individuals within the business. “We all have steel dust behind our ears. We constantly push the envelope to see how and where we can improve our superior steel solutions.”

Joe says that working with the team at WA Cutting Steel also helps make getting the job done more enjoyable. “They are knowledgeable, have a great work ethic and are family oriented. This mindset was important for our business as we needed our foundations to be stronger than what initially meets the eye, and partnering with a tier one supplier like WA Cutting Steel has done just that.”

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