Long-standing partnership with a leading steel fabricator

Processed steel on back of track for delivery

WA Cutting is committed to leading steel cutting services, and it’s a commitment reflected in our long-standing client partnerships.

One of our customers is a leading steel fabrication and machining company that services the Australian mining and mineral processing sector. As General Manager Evan explains, it’s been a long-standing and successful relationship.

“We’ve been around for 30 or 40 years, and we’ve been using WA Cutting for 10 to 12 years.

As we’ve grown, they’ve grown with us. Our spend with WA Cutting has probably increased tenfold in the last ten years – and that’s because we can be certain of quality and service.”

Man operating steel machinery

Experts in steel cutting and drilling

For Evan, the quality of steel cutting and drilling is key.

“The quality is good, and to be honest, that’s probably the main reason we started using them. Some of our clients are very picky about quality. WA Cutting always adheres to the quality of plate that we need.

Depending on the thickness of plate, we’ll get oxy cutting or plasma cutting done,” he adds. “We get all of our steel plate cut with WA Cutting; they bevel and sometimes tap for us as well.”

Steel on long trailer for transport

Cutting edge service

The company was already using WA Cutting when Evan came on board, and he already had a good working relationship with Joe Paratore, WA Cutting’s General Manager.

“I had known Joe for many years before he went to WA Cutting, which worked out well. I find my team usually gets all the responses and answers they need. If we need something urgently, say overnight, WA Cutting always gets it done.

If there is any issue at any stage, however, I also know that Joe and I will speak directly, and we’ll get it sorted very quickly. We always know early if there’s an issue too, so it never becomes a major problem.

For Joe, WA Cutting’s partnerships are another drawcard, helping the company provide fast-response and end-to-end steel solutions.

“The fact that they’re owned by Southern Steel is obviously good because we know they have that backing. We also deal with Southern Steel directly and we have a good relationship with both businesses.

And we get rolling and pressing done for some of our clients through WA Cutting, using Boyd Metal Industries,” adds Evan. “Being able to organise everything through WA Cutting rather than going to two or three companies definitely makes it easier. It happens a lot faster and overall it’s pretty seamless.

Without having an official partnership in place, it’s pretty close to being one. We spend a lot of money with them, and they look after us.”

The WA Cutting team members are steel cutting experts, committed to cutting edge service. Please contact us to discuss your next project.

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