Steel for Excavator Buckets

WA Cutting Services is the expert in precision cutting services for wheel loader and excavator steel buckets. With broad experience across the mining, industrial and agriculture sectors, we know you need robust, durable and high quality steel buckets. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, end-to-end project delivery and cutting edge service.

Yellow excavator bucket

Leading steel cutting solutions

Our comprehensive services include precision cutting, drilling and milling of steel buckets and bucket lids. We can work to non-standard and complex briefs and provide cut and processed steel for a full range of buckets, including quarry buckets, ripper buckets and general-purpose buckets.

Our services include multi-head oxy cutting and plasma cutting with our leading Farley technology, and we have full crane capability for large-scale lifting.

In partnership with our sister company, Boyd Metal Industries, we provide comprehensive steel processing including pressing and rolling. As a member of the Southern Steel Group, we also have fast access to nationwide stock holdings.

Our team is the best in the business. Our skilled draftsmen, machine operators, estimators and support staff go above and beyond to provide tailored and first-class steel cutting services.

Stainless Excavator bucket on gravel

Complete steel bucket capability

We provide quality steel components for you to assemble buckets and bucket lids, including:

  • General-purpose loader buckets
  • Rock buckets
  • Skeleton buckets
  • High dump buckets
  • Quarry buckets
  • Ripper buckets
  • Tilting buckets
  • Clamshell buckets
  • Mud buckets
Yellow fleet with construction machinery

Our broad capability includes:

  • All grades of steel
  • Quenched and tempered steel
  • Plasma cutting
  • Multi-head oxy cutting
  • Drilling to 80mm depth
  • Steel pressing up to 1100T – 12.2m length
  • Steel rolling up to up to 610UB on edge, 300 x 70FB and 250NB pipe
Steel Buckets

Cutting edge service

At WA Cutting, we partner with our customers from project assessment through to prompt delivery.

We work with your engineers and fabricators to ensure you have a best fit solution and we oversee complete cutting and processing for quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our robust business process helps streamline your projects for a superior steel bucket solution.

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