Steel Sheet and Plate Products

As a member of the Southern Steel Group, WA Cutting has access to vast stockholdings nationwide. We can provide steel sheet and plate products with optional steel cutting, drilling and processing. Give us a tight turnaround or complex project, and we’ll get it done, with quality guaranteed.

Stock of Steel plates inside the warehouse

Complete steel plate products

With a complete range of steel sheet and plate, we provide leading steel solutions for mining, industrial, agriculture, transport and construction projects. Our steel plate range includes:

  • 250 grade
  • 350 grade
  • Floorplate
  • Boiler plate
  • Bis 80, Bis 400, Bis 450, Bis 500

Steel sheet and plate specifications

Stock of Steel plates placed inside the warehouse

Mild Steel Plate

  • 3-250mm
  • Grade 250
  • Grade 350
  • WR350
  • K1042
  • Brand – Xlerplate

Coil Plate

  • 3-25mm
  • HA250
  • HA350
  • Brands – LaserCut, TRU-SPEC
WACS - Floor plate and aluminum specification

Floor Plate

  • 2.1-8mm
  • Grade 250
  • Brand – Xlerplate

Stainless steel

  • All grades stainless steel

Boiler plate

  • 6-100mm
  • PT460T
  • PT460NR
  • BP490
WACS - Quench tempered and Armour plate

Quenched & Tempered (Q&T)

  • 5-100mm
  • 80 grade
  • 400 grade
  • 450 grade
  • 500 grade
  • 700 grade
  • 780E grade
  • 690 grade
  • HiTen
  • Brands – BIS plate, Hardox, Strenx, Quard, Quend, WearTuf

Armour Plate

  • 3-100mm
  • Armox 370T
Weld overlay plate on racks

Wear abrasive carbide sheets

WA Cutting supplies a superior quality abrasion resistant weld overlay plate that has a proven track record of consistency and reliability in the WA mining industry. All plates are subject to rigorous inspection for chemistry, stress cracking and flatness at time of manufacture.

Characterised by a relatively smooth surface finish and controlled pattern of stress cracking WA Cutting’s overlay plate performs well in most applications and situations. Liners manufactured from this product have proven performance in the mining, mineral processing and cement industries, and consistently demonstrate superior wear resistance in low to medium impact situations.

Weld overlay plate studded liners

This product is manufactured by multi pass open arc welding of Chromium Carbide Alloy onto a mild steel substrate. The alloy layer produces 35% to 50% chromium rich carbides by volume which are evenly dispersed throughout a eutetic matrix of retained austenite.

Our range includes:

  • D60
  • D80

WA Cutting can provide you with quality cut to size liners, studded and pressed, and liners for ore transfer chutes, strips for bucket wear package, plates for truck tray relines and cones for pressings.

Different sizes of steel plates inside the warehouse

One-stop steel cutting solutions

WA Cutting Services is your one-stop shop for complex and high volume steel cutting, drilling and processing – and no job is too big or too small.

Our capability and resources are second to none.

Our team comprises machine operators, estimators, draftsmen and managers who deliver high quality and tailored steel products and services for a seamless project solution.

Need a superior steel solution? Please contact us for steel sheet and plate for your next project.

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