Mining Steel Components

WA Cutting Services is the leader in specialist steel cutting for the mining industry. We provide precision cut steel for mining vehicles, underground mine equipment, ventilation applications and processing plants. We pride ourselves on our expertise, tailored solutions and reliability. Give us a tight turnaround or complex project, and we’ll get it done.

Stacker- reclaimer at coal terminal

Expert mining solutions

Our skilled draftsmen, estimators, machine operators and managers deliver precision cut and drilled steel for ready-to-assemble wear liners, overlay plates, buckets, bucket lips, hoppers and chutes.

With decades of experience in steel cutting for mining, we understand industry demands for high quality, fast turnaround steel components that keep your operation up and running.

With our partner, Boyd Metal Industries, we provide end-to-end steel services, including cutting, drilling, milling, tapping, countersinking and profiling.

We collaborate with your engineers, fabricators and suppliers to get you the steel you need, when you need it.

Complete steel mining components

Heavy mining drill machine

Vehicle and machine assets:

  • Truck bodies
  • Excavator or shovel buckets
  • Stacker/reclaimer components
  • Dozers – blades and body components

Underground mine equipment:

  • LHD buckets
  • Grader blades
  • Longwall components
  • Tyre handler components
Coal Mining

Processing plants and equipment:

  • Chutes
  • Large diameter pipe and bends including scalloped or lobsterback type
  • Feed sumps/feed bins
  • Pulley shells, idlers and conveyor components
  • Vibrating screen componentry
  • Hydrocyclone bodies componentry
Dozer on a mining site

Robust steel solutions

At WA Cutting, we’ve offered precision steel cutting and drilling since 1982. We’ve refined our processes to provide robust solutions that help you streamline projects.

We oversee total project delivery for a complete steel solution. With a single supplier contact, you avoid frustrating supply chain delays, quality control issues and unnecessary costs.

Our robust processes help ensure our efficient communication, operations and logistics. We help you stay on top of projects with real time status updates. And we prioritise quality assurance for industry-compliant and cost-effective mining components.

Need a superior steel solution for your mining operation? Contact us for fast response and high quality steel mining components.

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